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lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

Cleaning and treatment of cement tiles

Specialized processes to clean and treat cemet tiles.

Quality and service at a good price.


The hydraulic mosaic is undoubtedly one of the most delicate floors and that more caution must be taken throughout the process. Therefore, to clean this type of soil, rinses or continuous scrubbed clean water only, without using any cleaning product, which could damage the color or colors fade mosaic is only used.

These continuous scrubbed (against more better) with water, do we go removing dust from work, as so normal to be a little porous pavement is not usually adhere excessive dirt.
Sometimes when not enough continuous scrubbed, we must resort to add in the bucket of clean water and a mild exact proportion of special cleaning solution to remove those stains that have not come out with the continuous scrubbed,

Normally in most cases you can just continuing scrubbed with clean water to clean and remove dust from work and leave the soil ready for further processing. Therefore this cleaning procedure usually done by the customer himself, as it is extremely simple to perform. Only in the most complicated cases described above, personally perform the cleaning process.


A treatment that seals the tile, protecting against stains and liquid absorption is applied. This treatment is done by brush or roller.

Then, once dry the sealing treatment, if desired intensify the colorful mosaic, we proceed to apply a compound of natural wax. If we want one more matte finish would not have to apply the finishing wax compounds.


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