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domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015


Treatment indoor terracotta floors

Inside homes, what it is is to get to the mud a degree of total protection, so that repels liquids avoiding stains and is easy to clean and maintain.

In Terracotta treatments, we guarantee a level of total protection that lets you use clay floors even in areas like kitchens, without any problems.

The application of the treatment is applied by brush, using water-based products, it does not discharge into the mud and protect this from the inside, so that there is a surface treatment that over time can reach up, leaving unprotected slab against the absorption of stains.

Is carried out in two phases:

[] Application of base layer penetrates the interior of the slab covering clay porosity and only leaving a minimum degree of porosity to apply the finishing treatment

[] Application of topcoat. In this last step, proceed to 100% waterproof clay soil against absorption of liquids and stains; besides granting the selected finish.

There are different types of aesthetic finishes that we offer our customers, all with the same guarantee of total protection finish:

• Matte Finish.
• Finish Wet Effect.
• Leather Effect: Provides a more rustic finish the mud.

Treatments for outdoor terracotta floors

Outside of housing, seeks to give a high degree of protection mud and above all protect against inclement weather, which causes appearance of mildew or mold on some sunny wetlands, salt and occurrence of breakage expansion.

When we talk about high protection, we mean that outside is allowed a minimum level of open porosity mud to traspire. This makes the clay is protected against stains, but you have something more precautionary than for indoor clay.

The treatment is carried out by applying a monolayer of product over the whole surface, extending well and avoid leaving puddles; so the clay to absorb the product inner layers.

There are two types of aesthetic finishes that we offer our customers, both with the same guarantee of finish:

• Matte Finish.
• Finish Wet Effect.

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